Decorative Gravel

Landscaping Gravel

The Rose Hauling Stone Center provides gravel for decorative and landscaping purposes and offers a variety of colors, sizes, and consistencies. Crushed gravel, natural stone, and pea gravel are all available in addition to many other styles. Customer Pick-up is available for any order size, as well as delivery for order sizes range from 1 cubic yards to 10 cubic yards.

Honey Dust


1/2″ Brown Crusher Run Gravel

Crushed Gravel #78

Natural Stone #78

Brown Pea Gravel #8

Whitish Pea Gravel #7

Natural #357

Natural #57

Pea Gravel – Smooth River Stone

#57 Smooth Off-White Pea Gravel

Natural 3″ Gravel

Natural 4″ – 6″ Gravel

#9 Lime Stone

#57 Crushed Brown Stone

#4 River Stone

Coarse Brown Sand

Blue Stone Crusher Run

#1 Crushed Blue Stone

#5 Crushed Blue Stone

#10 Blue Stone Dust