Rose Hauling provides top-quality compost for lawn, garden, and landscaping. Compost products can be used to improve and enrich your existing soil.

With use on lawns, spread approximately 2″ over your unplanted lawn, then till it in and rake it out smoothly. Plant a high-quality grass seed, use straw or more WDR Compost to cover the seed lightly. All our compost products can also be used in existing flower beds or shrubbery beds by placing 1.5″ of our compost on the bed and then apply 1.5″ of mulch. This will feed your plants year round.

WDR Compost is analyzed for PH and Nutrient levels as well as Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio.

Customer pick up available (1 cubic yard minimum). Delivered sizes range from 4 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards.

WDR Compost

Our compost is created by blending different types of organic compost. We then process the product through a compost turner which blends and decomposes the compost into a rich, black colored product.

WDR Compost & Mulch Combination

One step application. Our compost & mulch combination is designed to make your job easier. One application at a 3″ depth will feed your plants and prohibit weed growth. One application gets your job completed faster and gives your flower beds a healthy, finished look.

Aged Horse Manure

This product is composed of aged, composted horse manure and sawdust. It is black in color. This is our least expensive compost.